Roof Repair and Replacement

Omaha NE homeowners deserve the very best in roofing services to keep their families safe. Luckily, they have the Moose Roofing family to help with state of the art roofing services. We can repair your roof after a storm or replace your roof with high quality products.

Roof Repairs in Omaha NE

We always begin the process for roof repairs with a thorough, technologically advanced roof inspection that goes over all the common sources of roof failure, as well as gutters and all places where your roof might develop issues. We’ll go over the results of our roof damage assessment with you so that you understand your options and can decide whether or not to file a claim with your insurance.

  • Roof Leak Repairs

    A leaking roof can cause a cascade of damage both in the roof system and the interior of your home, so it’s best to catch roof leaks early on with repairs. Our experience with roof repair and installation means that we can address the source of your roof leak and safeguard your home against further damage.

  • Storm Damage Repair Process

    After a storm, it’s vital to get a professional roofing assessment to catch any shifted shingles, damaged flashing, or any other roof damage that could result in leaks during the next storm.

Your Trusted Roofers for Roof Replacements

When roofing repairs aren’t enough, our thorough roof replacement process gets you a brand new roof without hassle or worry. We’ll upgrade your roofing materials to shingles or roofing panels from trusted manufacturers like Owens Corning.

  • Help with Insurance

    At Moose Roofing, we understand homeowners insurance, and we have dedicated employees to help our valued local customers navigate the difficult insurance claims process, ensuring that they get the most value out of their roofing services.

Moose Roofing: Omaha Roof Repair and Replacement Experts

Our roofing experts use the most advanced roof inspection technologies to diagnose your roof problems, our insurance experts will go over our state of the art roof repair and replacement options, and then our dedicated crew of roofers perform to the highest levels of workmanship. With Moose Roofing, Omaha homeowners can trust that their investments are protected.

Schedule an inspection with Moose Roofing to discuss your roof repair or replacement options.